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Innsbruck Tourismus
Press Release
Unspoilt landscape as far as the eye can see
A true nature experience: The Sellrain Valley’s mountaineering villages
From very early on, the villages of Sellrain, Gries and St. Sigmund together with
the outlying hamlets Juifenau, Praxmar, Lüsens and Haggen were aware of the great
importance of their natural environment and the need for sustainable interaction. The
villages have now joined a select circle of only twenty ‘mountaineering villages’ in
the whole of Austria that meet the strict criteria of a sustainable tourism project
initiated by the Austrian Alpine Club. True to the motto of ‘movement under your
own steam’, the focus is on gentle tourism in order to achieve a well-balanced blend
of outoor activities, enjoyment and relaxation.
Located at altitudes of up to 1,700m above sea level, the Sellrain Valley’s
mountaineering villages put their focus on tranquility, regeneration and sports activities
in unrivalled scenery. For more than 30 years already, the area has been forming part
of a designated Alpine ‘quiet zone’ which stretches across the Stubai Alps and
Kalkkögel range in order to protect a unique landscape featuring steep rock faces,
gentle high-alpine meadows, serene glacial lakes and rushing torrents. There is no
better place to be at one with nature, to embark on an extensive hike to the area’s
cosy alpine huts, explore the neighbourhood on a leisurely walk, or scale a 3,000m
peak in the Stubai Alps for a thrilling rock climbing experience. The mountaineering
villages dotted along the Sellrain Valley are the perfect choice for all those in search of
an activity-filled holiday, far removed from the busy major tourist spots.
Although lacking a vast variety of lifts and cablecars, the area boasts an extensive
network of hiking trails catering to all levels of fitness and individual preferences.
The mountaineering villages themselves have successfully preserved their authentic
rural character, just like the convivial rustic mountain inns and refuges that provide
hearty sustenance to both pleasure hikers and ambitious mountaineers. It is actually
quite hard to believe that this tranquil haven is a mere thirty-minute drive away from
Innsbruck – and yet, despite its easy accessibility, the Sellrain Valley offers visitors a
unique opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
Innsbruck Tourismus
Silvana M. Giuliani
International Marketing & Press
Tel. +43 512 / 59 850 - 123
[email protected]
Innsbruck Tourismus
Press Release
Information: Innsbruck Tourismus, tel. +43-512-59 850, [email protected],
Innsbruck Tourismus
Silvana M. Giuliani
International Marketing & Press
Tel. +43 512 / 59 850 - 123
[email protected]
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