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Контрольные работы по английскому языку для учащихся 5 класса
УМК М. З. Биболетовой и др.
Progress Check - 1
I.Выбери слово, наиболее подходящее по смыслу к выделенному.
1) to discuss
a) to read
b)to argue
c) to tell
2) clever
a) silly
b) slow
c) bright
3) travel
a) weekends
b) visit
c) trip
II.Выбери и встав слово, наиболее подводящее по смыслу.
1) Do students in Britain…….. foreign languages at school?
a) write
b) learn
c) discuss
2)We can find out some facts about plants and animals in …… .
a) Literature
b) History
c) Biology
3) Let`s …. about your holidays.
a) speak
b) tell
c) say
4) He had a strict …. When he was studying at school.
a) rule
b) timetable
c) nickname
5) They`d like to ….. next weekend in the country.
a) spend
b) went
c) take
III.Выбери и вставь глаголы в нужной форме.
1) They usually … English at school.
a) speak
b) spoke
c) will speak
2) There … 25 pupils in our class next year.
a) are
b) will be
c) were
3) My friend won`t …. A football match tomorrow.
a) miss
b) missed
c) misses
4) My classmate … an English poem last week.
a) write
b) wrote
c) writes
5) …. they spend a lot of time in the country yesterday?
a) Do
b) Will
c) Did
IV.Выбери правильный вариант перевода.
1) student`s timetable
a) расписания учеников
b) расписания ученика с) расписание ученика
d) расписание учеников.
2) the children`s teacher
a) учитель ребенка b) учителя ребенка с) учитель детей d) учителя детей
3) his friends` nicknames
a) прозвище его друга
b) прозвища его друзей
с) прозвища его друга
d)прозвище его
4) She walked with her dog yesterday.
a) Она будет гулять со своей собакой завтра. b)Она гуляла со своей собакой вчера.
Progress Check – 1
V – II
I.Выбери слово, наиболее подходящее по смыслу к выделенному.
1) to enjoy
a) to prefer
b) to like
c) to play
2) to relax
a) to stay
b) to walk
c) to rest
3) famous
a) clever
b) well- known
c) kind
II.Выбери и вставь слово, наиболее подходящее по смыслу.
1) At what … do students finish their lessons in the school in Russia?
a) day
c) year
2)We answer the teacher`s questions and translate text in …… .
b) Literature
3)My sister can …. two foreign languages.
a) tell
b) speak
c) say
4) Our friends are going to …. their holidays in the country.
a) send
b) visit
c) spend
5) Did you …. new words yesterday?
a) work
b) learn
c) miss
III.Выбери и вставь глаголы в нужной форме.
1) My father usually …. every day.
a) work hard
b) worked hard
c) will work hard
2) He …. In London last year.
a) is not
b) was not
c) are not
3) …… you discuss different problems with your parents.
A) Will
b) Do
c) Did
4) Ann … to Canada with her family next week.
a) visits
b) visited
c) will visit
5)Students didn`t …. to school two days ago .
IV. Выберите правильный вариант перевода.
1) student`s uniform
a)форма ученика
b) формы ученика
с) форма учеников d) формы учеников
2) teacher`s computer
a)компьютер учителей b) компьютеры учителей с) компьютеры учителя d) компьютер учителя
3) sisters` photos
a)фотографии сестер b) фотография сестры c) фотографии сестры в) фотография сестер
4) Does anybody help you to do your homework?
a) Кто-нибудь помогает тебе делать домашнее задание?
b)Кто-нибудь тебе помогал делать домашнее задание?
5) His friends and he spent a lot of time in the park.
a) Его друзья и он проводят много времени в парке.
b) Его друзья и он проводили много времени в парке.
Progress Check – 2
I.Выберите слово, наиболее подходящее по смыслу к выделенному.
1) to have a rest time
a) a lot of time
b) free time
c) weekend
2) group work
a) group task
b) group of students
c) group game
3) don`t go out
a) to miss
b) to stay
c) to send
II. Выберите и вставь слово, подходящее по смыслу.
1)The Head Teacher of our school would like a ….. of students from London to us.
a) group
b) team
c) programme
d) form
2) Our students always make up ….. programme for our school.
a) local
b) social
c) TV
d) computer
3) My friends are …. For a social programme in our school …. .
a) glad
b) proud of
c) interested
d) responsible
4)Local football team of our school is going to …. a date of the competition.
a) write
b) miss
c) visit
d) arrange
5) My parents …. to arrange a birthday party.
a) invite
b) stay
c) propose
d) miss
III.Выберите правильное окончание вопроса.
1) Jane likes playing chess …?
a) does she
b) isn`t she
c) doesn`t she
2) Ann`s stepmother is
evil, …. ?
a) isn`t she
b) does he
c) doesn`t he
3) Mike can climb trees, …. ?
a) doesn`t he
b) can`t he
c) can you
4) My friends went to the park a week ago, … ?
a) didn`t they
b) don`t they
c) didn`t we
5)You have never been to London, ….. ?
a) have you
b) haven`t you
c) don`t you
IV. Выберите правильную форму.
1) Our head teacher …. Going to arrange a school party.
a) am
b) is
c) are
2) Our parents …. going to thank them for the invitation.
a) am
b) is
c) are
3) ….. am going to visit to London this year.
a) We
b) I
c) She
Progress Check - 2
V - II
I.Выберите слово, наиболее подходящее по смыслу к выделенному.
1) to have a party
a) to arrange
b) to spend
c) to invite
2) to propose
a) to prefer
b) to offer
c) to prepare
3) responsible
a) sociable
b) answerable
c) creative
II. Выбери и вставь слово, подходящее по смыслу.
1) Let`s … flowers in a vase.
a) arrange b) take
c) get
d) stay
2) My English Teacher would like to … a group of students from a private school
a) invite
b) stay
c) take
d) study
3) I hope you will arrive at the station …. .
a) time
b) in time
c) times
d) many times
4) The members of our football team study …. language.
a) programme
b) social
c) local
d) foreign
5) Our head teacher is responsible …. the educational and social programme
.a) of
b) to
c) for
d) with
III.Выбери правильное окончание вопроса.
1) His parents couldn`t water their plants yesterday,…. ?
a) can they
b) didn`t we
c) could they
2)She likes reading the poems, ….. ?
a) does she
b) doesn`t she
c) did she
3) The wild animals don`t like to live in the zoo, ….?
a) do they
b) mustn`t it
c) doesn`t she
4)Ann and Jane were in America last year, …. ?
a) weren`t there b) wasn`t they
c) were they
5) She can`t speak Russian, …. ?
a)won`t she
b) can she
c) could she
IV.Выбери в правильную форму.
1)My sister … going to become a lawyer.
a) am
b) is
c) are
2) The children … going to visit to London next year.
a) am
b) is
c) are
3 )…. am going to join our local football team.
a) I
c) You
Progress Check – 3
I.Выбери слово, наиболее подходящее по смыслу к выделенному.
1) talkative
a) creative
b) loving
c) sociable
2)to ask questions
a) to make up questions
b) to take an interview
c) to get an interview
b) intelligent
c) friendly
4) to guard
a )to work
b) to protect
c)to treat
5) unhappy
a) depressed
b) lucky
c) unpleasant
II.Выбери и вставь слово, наиболее подходящее по смыслу.
1) M sister has to …. her dress for a party.
a) change
b) exchange
c) changing
2)My mother treats domestic animals. She is … .
a) lawyer
b) vet
c) teacher
3) I think a bodyguard is a very … job.
a) dangerous
b) cruel
c) sociable
4)How do you describe … of your family?
a) characteristics
b) sports
c) exercise
5)He is good at playing a musical instrument. He is …. .
a) musician
b) dentist
c) office worker
III.Выбери и вставь глагол в нужной форме.
1) A student …. an interesting book now.
a) is reading
b) reads
c) will read
2) I … to be an engineer.
a) goes
b) am going
c) is going
3) My sister …. us a letter next month.
a) sent
b) will send
c) sends
4) Jack … a letter to his Russian pen- friend a week ago.
a) will write
b) wrote
c) writes
5) Our teacher wasn`t in the school yesterday,…. ?
a) aren`t they
b) was he
c) is he
IV.Выбери правильный вариант перевода.
1) My grandmother is telling us a fairy – tale.
a)Моя бабушка рассказывала нам сказку.
b)Моя бабушка рассказывает нам сказку.
с) Моя бабушка расскажет нам сказку.
2) Ann always watches TV in the evening.
а) Анна всегда смотреть телевизор по вечером.
b) Анна всегда смотрела телевизор по вечером.
с) Анна будет смотреть телевизор по вечером.
Progress Check – 3
V – II
I.Выбери слово, наиболее подходящее по смыслу к выделенному.
1) a doctor
a) lawyer
b) dentist
c) driver
2) loving family
a) rude family
b) conservative family
c) caring family
3) to give an interview
a) to answer question b) to write question
c) to ask question
4) athletic
a) intelligent
b) sporting
c) creative
5) to get well on
a) to discuss
b) to agree
c) to describe
II.Выбери и вставь слово, наиболее подходящее по смыслу.
1) I would like to … my Russian money for English pounds.
a) exchange
b) earn
c) change
2) My husband protects the rights of people. He is … .
a) librarian
b) lawyer
c) bodyguard
3) Journalist is a very … job.
a) dangerous
b) creative
c) friendly
4) Can you … in a few words about your school?
a) describe
b) tell
c) say
5) My friend likes winter sport. His hobby is … .
a) playing a musical instrument
b) listening to music
c) skating
III.Выбери и вставь глагол в нужной форме.
1) Listen! The children … a merry song.
a) will listen
b) are listening
c) listen
2) My sister … to be an office worker.
a) are going
b) go
c) is going
3) She … a bad mark yesterday.
a) get
b) will get
c) got
4) The students of our school … to the Bolshoi Theatre tomorrow.
a) will visit
b) visited
c) visit
5) Jane doesn`t ask questions, … ?
a) isn`t
b) does she
c) doesn`t he
IV.Выбери правильный вариант перевода.
1) They are not writing their parents a letter now.
а) Они сейчас не пишут письмо своим родителям.
b) Они не писали письмо своим родителям.
c)Они не будут писать письмо своим родителям.
2) My father always works in the garden on Sunday.
а) Мой папа всегда работал в саду по воскресениям.
B) Мой папа всегда работает в саду по воскресениям.
c) Мой папа сейчас работает в саду.
Progress Check - 4
I.Выбери слово, наиболее подходящее по смыслу к выделенному.
1) pleasant
a) cute
b) lovely
c) beautiful
2) near to
a) next to
b) across
c) along
3) to take part
a) to take place
b) perform
c) participate
4) popular
a) well- known
b) creative
c) traditional
5) to take care of
a) to get on well
b) to look after
c) to take part
II. Выбери и вставь слово, наиболее подходящее по смыслу
1) New York is the biggest … in the USA.
a) city
b) capital
c) country
2) How many … are there over the river Thames?
a) bridges
b) stadiums
c) squares
3)My sister would like to … the world teenagers` competition.
a) take part in
b) take place
c) take care of
4) Tower Bridge was … in 1894.
a) founded
b) destroyed
c) built
5) …… in London always want to visit Westminster and see Big Ben.
a) businessmen
b) tourists
c) sportsmen
6) … is a place where people watch sporting events.
a) museum
b) cinema
c) stadium
III.Выбери и вставь глагол в нужной форме.
1) She … the plants now.
a) water
b) is watering
c) waters
d) are watering
2) The children usually … chess on Sunday.
a) plays
b) play
c) is playing
d) are playing
3) She … to see the Tower of London now.
a) wants
b) is wanting
c) wanted
d) will want
4)Ann … in a students conference in March.
a) takes part
b) is taking part
c) will take part
5)My friend saw a returned letter on the table.
a) returned
b) returning
IV. Выбери правильный вариант перевода.
1)Сейчас он гуляет.
a) He is walking now.
b) He walks now.
2) Почему вы любите есть конфеты?
a) Why are you liking to eat sweets?
b) Why do you like eating sweets?
3)Смотри! Они играют футбол.
a) Look! They play football.
b) Look! They are playing football.
Progress Check - 4
V - II
I.Выбери слово, наиболее подходящее по смыслу к выделенному.
1) a tourist
a) a guest
b) guide
c) a visitor
2) places of interest
a) buildings
b) sights
c) palaces
3) monument
a) statue
b) tower
c) museum
4) city
a) area
b) town
c) country
5) to take off
a) to turn off b) to put on
c) to put off
II.Выбери и вставь слово, наиболее подходящее по смыслу.
1)Russia is one of the biggest … in the world.
a) capital
b) countries
c) country
2) An elephant and a donkey are the … of two main parties in America.
b) symbols
c) stadiums
3) Did her children … in the perform?
a) take place
b) take part
c)take care
4) America was … in 1492.
a) different
b) discovered
c) destroyed
5) Can you … the flowers?
a) water
b) different
c) smelling
6) Daniel Defoe is one of the most … writers.
a) beautiful
b) popular
c) loving
III.Выбери и вставь в нужной форме.
1) Jane often … an English song.
a) sings
b) sing
c) is singing
d) are singing
2) My friends … a letter now.
a) write
b) are writing
c) is writing
d) writes
3) What can you … through the window?
a) see
b) seeing
c) saw
d) ) will see
4) Jack saw the … girl in the street a week ago.
a) slept
b) sleeping
5) People are running from the … house at the moment.
a) burning
b) burnt
IV.Выбери правильный вариант перевода.
1)Сейчас у меня урок английского языка.
a) I am having an English lesson now.
b) I have an English lesson now.
2) Люди любят свободу.
A) People are loving freedom.
B) People love freedom.
3) Тише! Дети спят.
A) Keep silence! The children are sleeping.
B) Keep silence! The children sleep.
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