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During my time at Northwood Middle School I learned a lot about the teaching
profession. It was a great experience; I got to see a diverse classroom. Also, I got to meet some
great teachers as well. I know I still have quite a bit to learn about teaching; however, this field
experiences was an excellent stepping stone, to becoming a teacher. Northwood gave me a
glimpse into the trials and triumphs of teaching.
For the first couple days of class, I was a little uncomfortable. I had not attended a school
such as Northwood during my education, so I was not sure how to act. As time went on though, I
became more comfortable with my surroundings. As I started to interact with the students I
began to enjoy the classroom more and more. On the fourth or fifth day of class I began to
referee some of the activities. This made me somewhat nervous, because I was not sure how the
students would react. I did not know if the students would obey my directions as well as the
normal teacher. My cooperating teacher reassured me that everything would be alright, so I gave
it a shot. To my surprise the students treated me as if I was a regular teacher. After the first week
I looked forward to going to my classroom.
The classroom environment was very relaxed. The teachers seemed to have control over
the class. Although there was the occasional hostile situation, for most part the class atmosphere
was calm. The students were very comfortable and they were able to enjoy the class. For me the
class was laid back, I was able to observe the class without much distraction. The teachers were
very personable, and willing to help in any way possible. It was easy for the teachers to involve
the students in the lesson, because it was a P.E. class. The students were willing and ready to
participate. They enjoyed their PE class because it gave them a break from the normal classroom
During my time at Northwood I observed many lessons. The lessons included activities
such as kickball, dodgeball, and flicker ball. The students seemed very eager to participate in
these activities. I found it interesting that sometimes the teacher would join the activity for a
short time. One day during the dogeball activity, one team was losing and the teacher played
until the team got back some of their players. I found this to be an interesting way of interacting
with the students.
I believe that one of the most difficult challenges for me will be the discipline aspect of
teaching. Throughout my life I have always been laid back, friends with everyone, and never
too outspoken. However, to be a teacher you must be able to be firm and go through with your
punishment. I think I will have a hard time adjusting, but it is something I must do to become a
teacher. I also hope to get assistance from my fellow teachers and see how they made the
I consider myself to have many strengths I can bring to the teaching field. I am a people
person, and I enjoy meeting new people. Another strength I think will help me to be a teacher is I
have a creative mind. I can be creative in planning lessons and group activities for my students. I
will be able to use all my strengths to create a comfortable, working classroom setting for
students. I also I enjoy watching a young person succeed at something they have worked very
hard at.
The teaching process is one that is continuous. I would like to learn how to interact with
other ethnic groups. I have never truly gotten to know someone of a different ethnic background.
This would help me a great deal in the teaching process because I will have students from all
walks of life. Also, I would like to focus more on what activities I can create to make learning
The learning process is a never ending one. No matter how long you have been a teacher
or a student, there is always new information to be learned. The learning process is for both
teacher and student. A teacher must constantly find new information to keep their students
interested. Students must also keep an open mind and want to learn new information. These are
all aspects I would like to explore in the learning process.
I have many professional goals I set for myself. First and foremost, I want graduate with
a Bachelors Degree from Manchester College. Along with that degree I hope to have a 3.0 GPA
or higher. Therefore, employers will want to hire me. Other goals I have set for myself include
improving my communication and speaking skills; these are vital to a teacher. Furthermore I
want to learn how to take criticism better. If I can take what others think are weaknesses, and
develop those characteristics, I can become a more productive person and teacher. I have many
goals ahead of me. I look to take them one at a time and work my hardest to achieve them.
My field experience at Northwood Middle School is one I will never forget. It taught me
so many valuable lessons. Also, it reinforced my passion and decision to become a teacher. I
look forward to more experiences such as this one in my next three years at Manchester College.
I believe this experience has made me ready to start taking the steps to become a teacher.
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