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Money Management
Greg: If you ever get a student loan, don’t spend it on stupid things as everyone
spends it on stupid things! There’ll always be those last couple of weeks before
you get the next instalment of your student loan and you’ll have no money; can’t
get any food, can’t get the bus, can’t go out! It’s one of those things that, you
get a lot of money all in one go so just be careful how you spend it from the first
day. For me it was training equipment which I use for my sporting activity
outside of university; it was me being lazy a little bit, trying to get it at my house
so I’d always have access to it and it was rather expensive; it wasn’t the best
choice to do and then I had problems paying bills like that so it has been an
Jolene: Write down pretty much what you spend every week and then if you feel
that that’s too much you can budget yourself and I’d also, I wouldn’t use your
debit card in shops because I’ve done that before you don’t realise what your
spending and them you look at your statement and think ‘Oh god, you know’; you
should try to spend it in cash because its real then and you know what you’re
Richard: It s all going out…I don’t have a budget to be honest its just spend,
spend, spend, skint… in the holidays I work that does help.
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