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Math 2 Course Information Worksheet
Explore the Math 2 Course Information area.
Open and print this worksheet.
Recall the Course Information to answer the questions below. Refer back to the Course
Information area as needed.
Write your answers in the spaces provided.
Place this worksheet in your Math 1 notebook.
1. When entering the course, how do you get to the area where you would view the lessons for the
2. What is your teacher's name? _________________________________________________
3. My teacher's contact information is:
Telephone number: _____________________________
E-mail address: _____________________________
4. I printed out a copy of my pace guide and added dates to it.
My start date is: ________________ My end date is: ________________
5. I know how to submit an assignment. (circle one) Yes No
6. In order to find my current grade, I would go to _____________________________.
7. I can find my teacher’s comments and grades on assignments I submitted in the
8. I would go to _____________________ to resubmit an assessment to my instructor.
9. I know how to use my course e-mail. (circle one) Yes No
10. List any other questions you have about the Course Information area. Then practice using your
course e-mail by sending these questions to your instructor.
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