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History of Japan Game
Game Design
Design a History Adventure Game in Gamestar Mechanic using your character from
feudal Japan that you researched in Social Studies class. Your goal is to make an
entertaining and balanced game with a game story based on real history. People who
play your game will learn a little about the culture and the places of the time period and
have fun doing it!
Game Story:
Follow the 3-part narrative structure for your game story. Your story centers on the
character from feudal Japan you studied in Social Studies class. Your story (and game)
need to include your character as your avatar, at least two other profiles that are your
friends, and at least two profiles that are your enemies.
People who play your game should learn about the life and relationships of your
character by playing your game.
You need to include at least three(3) historical facts about feudal Japan. You should use
the research you included on the backgrounder document.
Game Space:
Your game will be 3+ levels and the levels should follow the three-part narrative game
story structure:
Beginning levels: Setup
Middle levels: Conflict
Finishing levels: Resolution
Game Components:
Your game will includes profiles you studied in Social Studies class. Parts of the story
can be fiction and fantasy as long as three(3) real facts about feudal Japan are also
Message Blocks
Use all the different components available to you in Gamestar Mechanic. Use intro
messages and message blocks wisely throughout all the levels to advance the story
and present historical facts.
Your game needs to include two (2) riddles. You decide how these riddles are used in
the level design. At least one of the riddles should be appropriate and include important
facts about your topic. Check out the riddle examples from previous games (links
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