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Research Contest for young scientists
"Faith and Religion in Contemporary Russia"
Last name, first name, middle name
Date of birth
City of current residence
Contact information (email address, if desired - phone)
Education (name of the institution, department,
specialty, course, for graduates – date of graduation)
Place of work (if you do not work, respond as such)
Questions about your contest work
The name of the contest work
The history of your contest work (when was it written?
Is it your thesis? Was it written independently or in a
group? Under what discipline is it written? What are the
main themes raised in the work?, Etc.)
Field data (Which type of field materials were used in
the work (interviews/observational journals?) Where
was the field data obtained (in what oblast/city?, Etc.)
When was the field data collected, and how much
material was analyzed for the contest paper?)
Last name, first name, middle name of the advisor,
his\her degree, position, and institution
Contact information for the advisor [i]
I agree to the publication of the text on the organizer’s
I have read the Contest Regulations and agree to its
terms. My contest work does not violate the copyright
of a third party’s intellectual property. I do not call for
the privacy of the materials presented in the work. I give
the right for non-commercial use of the contest work by
the Contest organizers.
Additional questions (optional). We would be grateful
if you would share your opinion.
How did you learn about this Contest?
Yes, No, With additional agreement
Why did you decide to study faith and religion?
Please name a few works by modern scientists, whose
research into faith and religion was the most helpful and
informative for you.
Why is it useful for society to study faith and religion,
using scientific methods?
Do you practice a religion, and if so, which one?
What profession do you hope to have in the future?
What kind of job do you think is ideal for you? What do
you plan to do in the future?
[I] This information is optional. If the paper is among the semi-finalists, the Contest organizers may refer
to the advisor in regard to the received work.
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